After-sales service

1. Service line ( 86-514-0514-89792720) provides you with 8x7 hours of after-sales service support (failuret declaration, equipment repair, etc.), technical consultation, complain handling and so on;

2. For problems that cannot be solved remotely, engineers and technicians of our company will be dispatched to your plants to solve the equipment operation problems;

3. Fast supply of spare parts of high-quality;

4. Lifelong service commitment, regularly send engineers and technicians to visit your plants to supply technical guidance and check equipment performance, so as to solve problems before they occur and remain excellent performance of equipment.

Accessories service

Kerunde accessories service provides customers with high-grade spare parts to ensure the stable and continuous operation of customer equipment. We imported laser cutting machine, multi - station CNC gun drill, large-diameter vertical vacuum quenching furnace and dynamic balancing machine with 5000 RPM and so on.

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