Our experience and expertise enable us to bring you comprehensive advice throughout the project, including:

Technical consultation

At the stage when you can only sketch a rough scheme, KERUNDE designers can offer preliminary solutions based on what you have described. Meanwhile, they offer design consultation on the factors that might affect the project, such as current facilities, structure condition, fire fight requirements and public utility requirements and so on.

Project cost estimation

We will provide services to estimate the cost of the proposed project based on design parameters, site of the project and associated infrastructure.

Risk assessment

We help you identify and categorize the risks during project development and recommend strategies to reduce risks.

After-sales consultation

We provide your staff with on-site operation training, so that they can understand the correct operation and maintenance of equipment in your feed mill to ensure the service life of equipment.

Operation efficiency improvement

We provide you with transformation and upgrading services of equipment and production lines in your feed mill. 

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