Equipment:KDTE Series Twin-screw Extruder
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Product features:

It is mainly applicable for processing floating and sinking feed in aquafeed industry and producing expanded pet food.

◆ Multi-functionality of the equipment

Special assembly screw structure is applied, so that various products can be produced if only simply changing screw arrangement or changing processing parameters.

◆ High-quality of the product

This extruding operation is effective for high-temperature and short-period processing, it is provided with a better nutrition improvement while effectively reducing different anti-nutritional factors in products and sterilizing.

◆ Effective utilization of energy

The cooking process of this extruding operation can ripen the material at a great degree, sufficiently use the steam and reduce the power consumption, thus the process cost can be saved.

◆ Convenient and accurate control system

Using the auto control can accurately control the flow and flow ratio of all materials, and also the different processing parameters can be recorded in convenience for future production or providing the basis for adjusting processing parameters.

ModelMain power(kw)Screw dia.(mm)Capacity(t/h)
Floating aqua feedPet foodSinking aqua feed



Density control system

The pressure-type density control instrument is available, which is mainly used in the production of high bulk density expanded materials (such as sinking aquatic feed, nutritious rice, etc.) by effectively improving the bulk density of materials. It can improve the capacity of the extruder and improve the appearance of the product.


Auto-control System

Auto-control system simplifies operation and reduces manual labor intensity;

All data is recorded and traceable;

International brand components contributes the stability, accuracy and sensitivity of the control system.

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